Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SArmy Meets Zachary Quinto at "Lucid" Book-signing!

As promised, here's a fan report from Sylar's Army (SArmy) moderator, @Selestina118 about her short meet and greet with Zachary Quinto!

After many attempts to meet our SArmy leader, @Selestina118 (with a friend) finally met Zach at the "Lucid" HC Book-signing at Midtown Comics, NYC on May 18th.

We were all so happy that she managed to have her special moment with him.

Here's her story!!!


On May 18th, my friend and I arrived in NYC around 12:30 pm. Since the signing was not supposed to happen until 6 pm, we spent the day roaming about NYC until there was a downpour.

After a quick taxi ride, we arrived at Midtown Comics Downtown and as soon as we entered the comic shop, right at the front desk, was a stack of copies of "Lucid" HC and flyers for the signing that night.

My friend and I proceeded to take our time looking around the shop because we had about three and a half hours left to go until the event. As we were browsing the shop, we happened upon another awesome fan who said that he had been in the shop since 12:30 pm!

My friend and I proceeded to buy our copies of "Lucid" and as we received our tickets, we were informed that there was a 90 person cap on the signing. Shortly after, everyone in the shop was informed that typically the singings were held with the line forming outside and then coming into the shop, but for this we were to line up inside due to the heavy rain. We were directed to the cases by the windows facing the street below and so we waited.

The crowd held steady at about 20 people until the very last hour or so, with some people bringing along their Heroes and Star Trek DVDs and posters for Zachary to sign with their copies of "Lucid". About an hour before the signing, Archaia’s Editor-In-Chief, Stephen Christy arrived and scouted out the shop to make sure everything was ready.

As the time grew closer, more and more people were arriving, and the rain began to ease off. The staff of the shop directed most of the people back downstairs and outside to wait for their turn in the signing.

At about 5:30 pm, Zachary arrived on the street below, fedora in hand, accompanied by fellow BtDers Corey Moosa and Sean Akers, and also Stephen Christy. There was a flurry of excitement in the shop as everyone realized that they were there and tried to get a better look out of the windows.

Zachary, Corey, Sean, and Stephen then entered the shop and were quickly ushered to Midtown Comic’s back room for the half-hour wait. Everyone was informed in this time that no photos were going to be allowed and we were told jokingly that we should burn the memory of the day into our brains if we wanted a keepsake.

Finally, the time was upon us. Zachary took his seat behind the small table and Corey took a seat next to him. Sean stood off to the side and Stephen moved about the comic shop taking pictures here and there.

There were only a few other fans ahead of my friend and I, and when I got my chance to meet Zachary, it was an experience unlike any other for me (as I’m sure others fans who have met him can attest to).

Zachary was so kind in warm in those few minutes and chatted briefly with me, Corey, and Sean. During the chat he recalled the Tweets sent to him from Mabes and others about me attending the signing.

As my friend was having his book signed, I talked briefly with Sean. It was great to finally meet him and Zachary after all this time of just being on the internet.

So our experience was over, but there were many fans still in-line all around the comic shop. I have to say that the effects (the excitement and happiness) because of and from the experience still haven’t worn off a week later. It is something that I know I will never forget. =)


Thanks to @Selestina118 for the lovely report and the pics!

Note: Pic posted of Zachary signing is from Archaia