Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wendi Lynn Shares Some More

Some of you are eagerly waiting for more of the interview with key makeup artist and one of our favourite personalities on Twitter - Wendi Lynn or @wendilynnmakeup.

Before I continue, I must confess that there is something I strongly admire about Wendi. As sweet and sunny as she is, Wendi is also a firm encourager of women being more confident with themselves.

It is interesting to note that despite working in Hollywood and in the showbiz industry for this many years, Wendi Lynn has personally witnessed what seem to be beautiful gorgeous actresses having their own insecure hang ups about their looks.

It does goes to show that how beautiful you think you are, is how beautiful you feel about yourself inside and out.

Wendi has voiced this out in her blog - "Insecurity In Women". It's a message worth reading and worth remembering.

If you have only known about this blog now, you might like to catch up with Part 1 of my interview with Wendi. It is really quite entertaining! ;)
Click here for Part 1

Here's Part 2:

7. Are men more willing to use cosmetics today than they used to? (from @Sunfell)

Wendi: Men are far greater to use Cosmetics these days. My boys are into products just as much as the girls. They care about their faces and they should. Its nice to see the change.

8. Which she likes better, making people look fabulous or covered with gore? (from @calowder)

Wendi: That's easy... I love messing people up...perfect is no fun at all. ;)

An Awesome Foursome ;)
9. If you could have any job in the world, what would you choose? (from @rubychocolate)

Wendi: I think I would love to be a traveling Photographer. However; I hate to doubtful! LoL

10. Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? (@syzzlyn: I don't know what his question really means but this question was from @JamesProps ;) )

Wendi: Olive Juice! (Mic...key...Mouse) ;)

11. What do you like best about being active on Twitter?

Wendi: There are two things I love about Twitter...
One - Interacting with people all over the world! Two - Giving others a rare glimpse into a my world, where many would love to get the chance to step into. We all take the things we have for granted. Its nice to be able to share or give back in some small way.

12. How much do you like geek girls?

Wendi: LOL... I think all of us girls have a little geek in us. Afterall, no man would ever be a huge super star or a famous musician without us. We bring them to life. ;) Right, ladies?

As we know, Wendi loves taking and posting pics on her Twitter. Personally, those pics are one of the highlights of my day!

So I posed Wendi a question for 5 pics that she has tweeted on her feed before. The question?

What is her first memory or interesting thought when she sees the following pics?

Pic 1 - "I miss walking that dog..."

Pic 2 - "Still amazed Alex carved that."

Pic 3 - "What fun Ray and I had shooting and creating that look."

Pic 4 - "So many wonderful Trailer Memories."

Pic 5 - "Beau and Matt having fun on set..."

I can't wait to watch the new series "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour" where Wendi is currently working at. The TV series premieres in January 2011.

I have to admit there is a certain thrill in knowing that Wendi is part of the process. And that makes it the acknowledgement of the artistry that goes behind the scenes so much more personal.

Perhaps - one day - I might get to meet Wendi too!

Before I end this post, I would also like to take this chance to help Wendi's sister, Jerri, plug for a fundraiser. Jerri owns a restaurant called Sage in WA, and she is supporting a fundraiser called the "Give Thanks. Walk". The fundraiser supports St Jude Hospital which specializes in caring for children suffering from cancer.

If you are interested in making a donation to this cause, head to this website now!

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