Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shared Birthdays!

It's PARTY TIME!!! \O/

Two "Heroes" actors share birthdays on 16th October -- they are none other than Brea Grant and Todd Stashwick.

Here's a warm big Happy Birthday greeting from ZQBiceps - and I think I can say that on all behalf of our readers and "Heroes" fans too!!

We wish you both lots of success, happiness and many more happy birthdays :)

Look out for a 2 or 3-parter special interview with Brea Grant, and her brother Zane Grant, coming soon! My Twitter buddy @ebrown2112 met them at the recent NYCC and worked hard for the interview. He talked to them about their zombie comic series "We Will Bury You" (IDW Publishing) amongst other topics!

We also have an interview with "We Will Bury You" 's illustrationist, Kyle Strahm in the works.

Brea and Todd (pic by @ebrown2112)
And remember to check out the Todd Stashwick/ Dennis Calero free web-comic collaboration called "Devil Inside" every week! Our 2-parter interview with the very charming duo is already up on the blog :)

You can leave birthday messages with Brea and Todd via Twitter if you like! It's always nice to spread more birthday love around, don't you think so?

Another very popular website will also be celebrated its birthday on October 17th! If you didn't realize, IMDb is now 20 years old!! It sure has been around for that long... but still not old enough to drink, as our fave bb Zachary Quinto says.

Here's a birthday interview Zach did for IMdb... with his biceps gesturing animatedly. (Thanks to Verito244A!) Enjoy!

You can also view more birthday videos and greetings from other actors, directors and producers here

There is also one from a scruffy-beardy but no less handsome Milo Ventimiglia. Click here to view!

So let's get the celebration going as only "Heroes" fans can! W000t!!

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