Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making Up Is Hard To Do

Maybe not too hard... when the make-up is being very skillfully applied by Wendi Lynn Avignone.

Wendi - or more popularly known as @wendilynnmakeup on Twitter - is very active on the social networks. Almost every day, she brings us behind the scenes of sets that she is working or worked on and regularly posts on-set photos so that we can take a peek on what's happening during her work-day.

If you are a "Heroes" fan, you can thank Wendi for those special effects make-up, like future Peter's scar, cheerleader Claire's injured head and Elle's bloody gun-shot leg. Wendi sure loves to mess with the fake blood. ;) And as a key makeup artist, she is an important contribution to what finally appears on our screens.

Even though Wendi has the enviable perks of "touching up" so and so ( le sigh ), we know that she works her well-toned and adept biceps very hard on set. Sometimes for tedious, long-drawn hours and very late into the night. Despite of that, she keeps us shades brighter with her quotes of the day and positive encouraging tweets.

Wendi is The Twitter Sweetheart for many, many of us.

And I was very happy to be able to do this email interview with her, with questions contributed by some of you. Here's Part 1:

1. After spending 4 seasons with the "Heroes" cast and crew, was there a special moment when you looked back and felt "this has been indeed all worthwhile"?

Wendi: There was never a day from the start that I didn't look back and know that I had boarded a very special project. It came together quickly and the family it formed would become impossible to replace for me and many of the cast and crew.

It was special and we all knew it.

2. In "Heroes", actors might be suspended - from ceilings, walls, etc. So they sweat, makeup runs. How do you touch them up? (from @lindsaysfnm)

Wendi: There were many times I would climb ladders or stand upon tall buildings for these shots with these guys. You can't always get to them, but I did on most occasions. Safety first... but everyone takes risks when filming. Its part of our job. Kinda what makes it fun I suppose, on many levels.

One of Wendi's CMSB makeup bag
3. What were the key decisions that your colleague and you took into consideration when you chose to work for "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior"?

Wendi: Joe Mantegna is a very dear friend of ours. The fact that he is the lead in the original series gave us a reason, as well as the success of the show.

We decided to pursue a few shows, this is the one we finally landed.

4. Has there been any major adjustments working in "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior" compared to "Heroes"?

Wendi: Major adjustments. I am no where near as busy, my cast is small and I don't do near, as many effects anymore. I miss all of that movement.

5. What has been the most fascinating location you have ever been on set in? and why?

Wendi: There really hasn't been any particular setting for me that stands out. I have shot in thousands of places, after a while...u forget most of the places you've been.

6. Did you ever want or accept a job because an actor/crew member was also involved in that project? (from @dref22)

Wendi: Benjamin Bratt is also a dear friend and we have done several projects with him. He always tries to pull us on his projects and when we can, we will jump with our actors. I have also done so with Milo. When you are asked, you try to be there for them. Its nice to be asked always.


Wendi has extensive experience in the field of TV/ Film make-up. She has worked as make-up artist in several TV shows like "Heroes", "Joan of Arcadia", "The Cleaner" and "24". She is currently working on the new spin-off series "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour" (CMSB), which stars Richard Schiff, Matt Ryan and Janeane Garofalo. CMBS will premiere in early 2011 on CBS.

Check our her official website and join her fan club on Facebook!

Wendi answers a few more questions in the next instalment of this blog interview. I also asked her something light, fun and visual. So, stay tuned!


  1. Love this, love Wendi Lynn! Wendi Lynn's inspired me to start working with film makeup. Thanks for the blog, Tina.

  2. Thanks, Lindsay
    Part 2 coming up next week! :)