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More Charming-Devilish.... Inside

First panel from "Devil Inside"
To continue my "doubly-devilish" SDCC story ... While @RealFastTlkr and I were chatting with "Heroes" actor Todd Stashwick about "Devil Inside", I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that comic artist Dennis Calero was busy scribbling on a small piece of paper torn from his sketch pad.

One of my roomies had earlier showed me a "Devil Inside" postcard she got from visiting their booth. Apparently, their booth was pretty popular that week and they ran out of postcards! So here Dennis was, offering me a few scribbles of his artistic talent by doing an impromptu sketch of Jack Springheel aka the Devil - whose resemblance is based on Todd. I can attest that artistic biceps are also very captivating.

It was a very cool piece of drawing and when he was done, he passed it to Todd for him to sign. Todd and I then had a mini discussion about why they had chosen the subject of the Devil and Evil and Todd answered that one of the reasons was: "Evil is Sexy". Dennis then declared that he was "evil" and hence, "sexy". He proudly claimed that five women had told him that.

I teased him if it was mentioned by five women today? Or was only five women for the entire past week? He acted hurt and said "C'mon..! Of course it's just today!" I laughed.

I then noticed that @RealFastTlkr hadn't got a sketch drawing so I requested Todd if she could have one too. Todd turned and looked at Dennis, "Hey.... can you draw another one? They can't share one. It's not like they are living together." hehehe.

While Dennis hastily drew another sketch for her, @RealFastTlkr helped me take a photo with Todd where we both gave Evil looks to the camera. Todd autographed her little sketched drawing too.

Todd then asked me when I was flying back home and I said I will have to head back to LA tomorrow morning because there are no direct flights out to Singapore from San Diego. Both of them gave me sympathetic murmurings regarding troublesome long-distance travel arrangements. Of which Dennis then manage to give me back some snark by wondering why I couldn't just pack myself in a box (because I was small in size) and ship myself back from here :p

Great suggestion, Dennis. Now why didn't I think of that, huh? Doh.

We didn't want to take too much of their time and @RealfastTlkr wanted to have a last look at the exhibit hall, so we bid the two handsome devils goodbye. We went away totally charmed by those two. A Darn Evil Experience, I tell ya.

For part 2 of the "Devil Inside" interview, here are some more interesting answers from Todd and Dennis:

Todd and Dennis at SDCC (Pic by Nhousey)
5. Can you give us any hints/ teasers as to what's coming up next?

Todd: Things will happen, as well as stuff. Very soon all the major players will be on the field and then things really start cooking. There also may be a mountain lion.

Dennis: Also, we're interested in "expanding the brand" so who knows? We're talking other webcomics, comic books, etc. But only if we can keep "Devil Inside" going at the quality level it's been.

6. It's interesting to note that a few "Heroes" alumni are involved in comics - Brea, Milo, Zach and Todd -- what are your thoughts on this?

Todd: Since "Heroes" was a comic-inspired show it opened an avenue that otherwise would have seemed elusive. In my case it introduced me to Dennis. Also there is a fan base for "Heroes" that, perhaps, are willing to give our titles a look.

Dennis: Being one of the former artists on the webcomic, I consider myself a bit of alumni too. It was a great show and I predict it will continue to spawn a lot of wonderful projects by all involved.

7. Todd, was this year your first time at SDCC? And, did you guys particularly "geek out" on anyone that weekend?

Todd: It was my first Comic-con. Baptism by fire! I was in a constant state of geekery. I walked past Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, so very cool. I met Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day, geek crushes. Dennis introduced me to some comic book heroes of mine, Bill Sienkeiwicz, Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola and Sergio Argones. It was intense.

8. And did you guys manage to scare anyone away from your booth with your devilish material? ;)

Todd: Not really. People were really receptive.

9. Have there been any bad or freaky experiences with being on Twitter or Facebook?

Todd: I’ve had, at time, some questions from people that seemed a bit intrusive, I’ve done some blocking. I have to say though, people by in large are kind.

Dennis: I've had some people who seemed like all they wanted to do is fight. I don't get it and I don't want a part of it. It's unseemly.

10. Semi-evil question: Leather or Lace?

Todd: I don’t wear leather so Lace it is!

Dennis: No comment. (@syzzlyn: Seriously?!?)

11. How much do you love geek girls?

Todd: They reign supreme.

Dennis: All girls are Geek girls.


To those who are comic book fans, you would already be familiar with veteran comic artist and writer, Dennis Calero.

Dennis, who is based in NYC, has illustrated for several comics like DC's "Legion of Super Heroes" and he also created Marvel's "X-Men: Noir".

He was comic artist for the "Heroes" TV tie-in online graphic novels - "Under the Bridge" and "Rebellion" series. In the online graphic novels, he had drawn the comic version of Todd Stashwick's "Replicating Man" character, which incidentally, sparked off a working partnership (and bromance ;) ) between the two for "Devil Inside".

I asked the artist with the awesome hair, matinee good looks, witty sense of humour and artistic biceps some nosy questions. Here are some of his answers:

The Dennis Special:

1. While working on the "Heroes" OGNs, did you have to catch up on any of the past storylines or episodes?

I was a fan so I didn't need to catch up.

2. Do you love visiting art museums and do you have a favourite one?

Museums of course are one of my passions. My current fave is the Musee D'orsay in Paris. What's interesting is that many great European museums have amazing American collections like the Prado in Spain.

3. Are there certain things or scenes that you find particularly challenging to draw?

It's all a challenge, honestly. The real challenge is parsing what you can and can't do effectively in the time you have. Comics, especially serial ones, require great planning as well as great drawing.

4. And do you do research if a certain storyline takes place in a special era or style?

Of course! Same as if you we're doing a film or tv show. Authenticity and veracity are very important components of storytelling.

5. I love your sense of humour. Have you considered going up on stage to do improv with Todd?

Oh no, improv, I don't think, would be my cup of tea. My personality is more about a planned presentation. I've done stand up and I enjoyed the combination of a planned presentation and the spontaneous things that always happen in those performances.

6. Do you have a practical line of advice (or two) for aspiring comic artists out there?

There a finite number of drawings between now and being good enough to go pro. How fast you get through those drawings is up to you.


You can find out more about Dennis Calero by visiting his website.

And remember to check out the other-half of the "Devil Inside" team - Todd Stashwick - who was featured in our Part 1 interview right here!

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