Monday, June 2, 2014

Zachary Quinto (and His Biceps) Gets Birthday Wishes at Provincetown!

It's a rare occasion for fans to be able to celebrate their favourite actor's birthday together with him, but that's what a few ZQC members were able to do this past weekend at Provincetown.

Zachary Quinto's lovely biceps were guests-of-honor at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival last Saturday (31 May). At the dinner, their owner Zach, looked very relaxed in a camouflaged tee and those adorable geeky glasses (*swoon*). He was accompanied by current beau, Miles.

As you may already know, Tennessee Williams is the playright for "The Glass Menagerie", and the writer spent four summers in Provincetown working on his pieces. Recently, Zach acted as Tom in the critically acclaimed production by American Repertory Theatre, which ran for a length of time on Broadway. Tom was a character Zach felt a great deal of affinity to, and that is one of the reasons why he accepted the invitation for last weekend's dinner.

If you want to read more information about Zach's visit to Provincetown, click this CapeCod Online article here.

A small group of ZQC members, including my all-time frenemy Sara, Erica, Lindsay and Lorie, attended the dinner at Provincetown. We already knew beforehand that the dinner was very close to Zach's birthday, so both Lindsay and Sara coordinated international efforts to collect as many fan birthday cards as they could in order that these could be presented to Zach in person.

And indeed, they managed to do so that night! There was also a really simple but nice birthday cake just for the birthday guy.

Pic from Lorie

Pic from Lorie

To my knowledge, Zach was genuinely surprised with all the fan love. He said, "sooo many cards! Thank you guys so much!". Toward the end of the dinner, he had almost left the venue, but made a point to come back to thank the fans again. Awwwww, Zach.

Pic by Sara

Even though Zach was in Singapore filming "Agent 47" last month, I wasn't one of the lucky fans who got to meet him on home ground. It didn't quite matter to me as much because I have met Zach twice in previous years.

As mentioned in my previous blog article, Zach had to rush back to NYC for another commitment as soon as the "Agent 47" shoot ended in Singapore. My frenemy Sara told me that during the dinner, he commented, "it was a @#%*% long flight from Singapore!", which is the truth! For those who are not aware, it takes at least 24 long bloody hours (just flight time alone) to get from here to NYC. And that's not even including travel time to and fro the airport plus any other waiting time!

He did say he enjoyed his time here and he absolutely loved his visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia, a holiday stop that he made before he arrived in Singapore.

Without a time machine or ample supply of floo powder, I was unable to make it to Provincetown last weekend, of course. But Sara was kind enough to help me get Zach a birthday card (see pics below) to be included in the stack that was handed to him:

with my birthday greetings:
Dear Zach
Flexing the Warmest of Birthday Greetings from Singapore! 
~Tina (of Zachary Quinto's Biceps blog) 2014


Wishing you the best of all things that you desire!!!

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