Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Celebration Continues For Zachary Quinto's Birthday!

June 2nd was Zachary Quinto's birthday, and as the day went on, several fans posted birthday greetings to him on social media, including the ZQC forum on Facebook.

I hope he saw those greetings or at least browsed through a few.

Last Saturday, Zach was at Provincetown for the Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, and the ZQC managed to have an early mini celebration with him during the dinner. If you missed the details, click here for my earlier blog article.

ZQC-er Lena Lychova took the effort to compile some of the photos taken from that night at Provincetown, and made a lovely eye-catching collage for us to enjoy. Check this out!

And if you are wondering, rubbing biceps to biceps with Zach is ZQC moderator Lorie, who was lucky to be sitting beside him during the dinner.

I posted the blog article and birthday greetings in Zach's official Facebook page, and the lovely folks from the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival thanked us for making the night a special one for Zach and those attending the event.

Click pic above for a larger version

I haven't seen many celebrity greetings, but Spock Prime, Leonard Nimoy mentioned something about a lunch date with our pair of younger-Spock biceps.

In addition, it so happens that Zach's birthday also fell on the same day as the 70th Theatre World Awards ceremony. Zach attended the event as a presenter, and was on stage to hand fellow "The Glass Menagerie" actor Celia Keenan-Bolger an award! A double-celebration indeed!

So it seems like a really fun, eventful birthday for dear Zach this year. I hope he's partying the night away right now with a great group of friends and family! 

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  1. Oooooo! You picked up on some greetings & events I missed! I was still in the glow from sitting across from the awesomely biceptuous ZQ all evening!
    Jef at the Ptown Festival and Tom at Far Land Provisions arranged the cake for us. Much thanks to them. Sara remembered seeing pics of Zach with red velvet cake and - yep, he wolfed it down eagerly. Thanks also to all the ZQCers who sent me cards to bring to Zach - from all over the world!