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"Agent 47" Shoot in Singapore: Project Hunting Zachary Quinto's Biceps - Part 2

We have now entered into the last few days of the "Agent 47" shoot in Singapore.

Project Hunting ZQ Biceps continues with fervour from local die-hard fans, and I really hope they manage to meet Zach in person at a suitable time and location before he heads back home. Because if you catch him at a right time, Zach is such an absolutely lovely man!

Before the shoot began, I did try (with the help of ZQC moderator Lindsay Robinson) to request for a little bit of time with Zach through his official channel - just for a small group of local ZQC-ers. However, the word was that the schedule for the "Agent 47" shoot here is a very intense one and there is a high security label on it. So, strictly no site visits were allowed. Also, Zach will hardly have time for semi-official fan-related matters as he has to complete his work before returning to NYC for another commitment. 

The "Agent 47" filming is expected to wrap up on May 14 - which happens to be the same day our beloved X-Men folks are arriving. I had been wondering if any of them might turn up for the premiere as both movies are Fox movies. And then, in a local paper called TODAY, we were given heads up about Team "Agent 47" walking the Blue Carpet.

Sooo, will Zach's biceps be there? I hope so!

Anyhow, if you missed the excitement about the filming which has been happening here, check out my earlier blog post!

Through a couple of sources, I had an inkling why Zach was hardly seen at outdoor location shoots during the first week.

It seems that majority of the filming would be carried out indoors at Infinite Studios, whose soundstages are located at the Mediapolis near Portsdown Road. Based on Infinite Studios' website, they have done work for HBO's recent Singapore-based (but joint Australian-made) series "Serangoon Road" at another facility in Batam, and Michael Mann's upcoming movie "Cyber".

Zach's biceps must have been safely cocooned in the indoor studios most of the time!

Still, some lucky fans managed to corner him at his hotel. However, Zach looked really tired in those fan pics, so I figured they must have caught him after a long day's work.

From @popcultureboy's Instagram

Click here for another fan's photo with Zach (he has taken pics with the other "Agent 47" cast members as well).

(It is one reason why I haven't responded to folks asking me where Zach has been staying while he was here. If you are resourceful, you should be able to make a pretty accurate guess from the photos floating around the interwebs!)

Meanwhile, despite working hard, Zach must have found time to enjoy some of the interesting sights around the hotel and Marina Bay Sands. On his Instagram account, he posted a series of arty photos of very familiar sights, including this building situated in Chinatown and a couple from the Marina Bay area:

From a casting call put out before shoot began in Singapore proper, there was a mention of two overnight shootings at Changi Airport on May 6-7 and May 7-8.

Some fans and extras headed to Terminal 3 to try their luck in catching sight of Zach's biceps, but again, no dice.

Rupert Friend was hard at work on location though, together with other cast members.

Again, the intrepid @LadyHida caught a quick vid of Rupert Friend from afar:

Concurrently, evening shoots were also carried out at the Marina Barrage around 7-8 May.

Source: TODAY

Word on the grapevine was that these involved filming of vehicles and the main actors were not actually at that set. ZQC-er Davian Aw managed to get to Marina Barrage at 7:30 PM on 8 May but the set had already wrapped up by then.

Although Zach wasn't seen working at Changi Airport, co-star Hannah Ware shared an Instagram pic of a small group of them having Singapore Slings at the historic Raffles Hotel's Long Bar. But I am not exactly sure on which day they were there downing those very sweet pink drinks.

I also heard that a few of them were gettin' down at the Butter Factory - one of the hippest hot spot in town. 

Then, finally... on Saturday May 10, some local fans got their lucky break! That afternoon, two girls bumped into a very relaxed and smiley Zach at popular hipster spot, Haji Lane. He must have gone there to do some quick shopping.

From godzillazila's Instagram

Later on, I also learned about long-time fan Anthony Ong's experience with dear Zach at the hotel lobby on the very same day. It was his third attempt trying to meet Zach while he's still in Singapore.

When they first saw Zach at about 2 PM, he was all sweaty. After all, it had been an awfully hot day. I know. I was just doing very little in my apartment that day, and yet I was feeling sweaty! Anthony and his friend approached Zach and asked if they could take a photo with him but Zach declined and said he was "all gross". However, he stuck out his hand to give them a good handshake each.

They saw him head up to his room and then out of the hotel. At that time, they decided to get him a small gift - Chinese pastries, from what I was told.

Just around dinner time, Zach returned back to the hotel from Haji Lane and according to Anthony, this was what happened:

"We passed him the gift and asked if we could take a photo. We were literally shaking! haha. During my photo, ZQ realized that he had his eyes closed so he patiently waited for us to get another one. He was very sweet and said thanks for the gift before he went up. We didn't ask for any autographs as he had things in his hands and we didn't wanna disturb him further."

Zach with a very happy Anthony!

Awww. Zach - Thanks so much for making a diehard "Heroes" fan so happy!

It was back to Robinson Road for more city street scenes for the "Agent 47" production the next day, May 11.

This time, Zach's biceps were actually on location!! Thanks to TODAY, who got this pic scoop and a really good shot of handsome Zach in a light grey suit. As my frenemy Sara commented, "Unf, he's gonna look so good in this movie!" I can't help but concur.

As if the weather here isn't hot enough already, I'm fanning myself just looking at this pic again.

Pic by TODAY

The grey suit seems to be the exact same one Zach was seen wearing during the Berlin shoot - according to another of co-star Hannah Ware's Instagram photo. So, our best guess was that the timeline of the entire movie might be taking place only within a couple of days.

There were actors and extras dressed in serious-looking black suits, and some cast members like Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware and Ciara Hinds were also there. Check out TODAY's gallery here.

Zach's chair! Pic by @lios87

Back at the hotel, @LadyHida was waiting for the cast to return from set. I was very tickled to hear her confession about an incident with Thomas Kretschmann:

"I was sitting next to Thomas Kretschmann for a good 1 hr (at the lobby), only to realize it was him much later... By then I was too embarrassed to ask. I only recognise him with scruff. Only when I got suspicious & googled photos of him clean shaven did I realized it was him!"

Rupert Friend walked into the hotel through the front door, but his minders didn't allow any photo-taking. @LadyHida said that he was very friendly though and came to say hi. Zach, however, chose not to emerge from their car and sat inside while the driver headed into the carpark. (He can be a real ninja that way!) Hannah Ware was very obliging and lucky @LadyHida managed to grab a photo with her at the hotel. It seems like they were all getting prepared to head off to some hideout for a crew party.

There are only a couple of days left till "Agent 47" production officially ends in Singapore. I wonder if anybody else would be lucky enough to meet Zach in person before he leaves for NYC.

A very good bet will be the public/ fans' area at the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" Blue Carpet event at Shaw Lido, this Wednesday evening. If you want to find out more details about the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" premiere in Singapore, head to my Red Dot Diva blog or Facebook page for the scoop!

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