Monday, May 12, 2014

"Agent 47" Shoot in Singapore: Project Hunting Zachary Quinto's Biceps - Part 1

After filming in Berlin for some time, the shoot for upcoming 20th Century Fox movie "Agent 47" moved to the little island of Singapore earlier this month.

Prior to Zachary Quinto's arrival here, he was taking a short break touring Vietnam and Cambodia. We know this because of his Instagram feed, and of course, who can forget this particular pic of nekkid biceps relaxing in a pool. ;)

If you have missed all the excitement or news about Zach Quinto in town, here's a recap of what our bb's biceps have been up to while he was here.

I first knew of Zach's arrival here via a distant pic taken of him at a relatively new hotel he was staying in. That was on the Saturday afternoon of April 27 before local shoots were scheduled to begin the following week.

An eagle-eyed fan, @alvobaby, happened to be in that hotel and spotted Zach with Miles being greeted by hotel staff at the lobby. They had just both arrived and no one else had recognized either of them!

@Alvobaby told me: "Yes I did manage to say hi to them. They are looking good, and friendly. But the hotel staff not allow me to take photo with them."

So with a protective hotel staff surrounding them, she only managed to wrangle this covert photo. The first one of Zach in Singapore.

Later on, Zach rewarded us with a really bicepstous bare-chested selfie pic of him getting ready for the shoot.

His Instagram tagline: "Back to work(ing) out. agent 47. home stretch"

My response (like many others): *THUD*

@Alvobaby's pic stirred up the next wave of excitement from fans and word got around about the filming of "Agent 47" taking place in Singapore.

Some of the mainstream media started picking up the news even though hardcore fans like myself and some other geeks have already gotten word of the shoot happening here due to casting calls which have been made for calefare roles at various locations.

Geek Crusade summarized the possible locations of where the celebrities might be in their "Agent 47" article, and a few dedicated fans made their rounds trying to search for the actors.

Obviously, the Robinson Road shoot was the easiest to get to as it was right-smack in the centre of the financial district - an area that was reachable by the MRT and/ or by foot.

@LadyHida and ZQC-er Davian managed to get to the Robinson Road location on May 3, Saturday. It happened to be Free Comic Book Day as well, and I was committed to cover events surrounding that special day. All I could remember though was suffering through the intense heat that particular Saturday. It was near to 37 C from what I recall. Wasn't a fun day to be out at all. Not to mention filming in the heat in a business suit!

Pics of signs at location, by Davian Aw:

Zach was not to be seen at the location, unfortunately. But Rupert Friend - who has taken the titular role of Agent 47 himself - was seen coming out a flaming red car, with guns a-blazing. It was not possible to get too close to the actual site where this was happening due to a lot of gun props being used and extras running away from the car.

Although, if you squint and can see what's happening in @LadyHida's vids, the scene in which Rupert Friend was filming seems pretty interesting:

Vid 1: Rupert Friend rehearsing his scene

Vid 2: Extras running away from car, with "gun shots"

What's exciting to know, was Wall Street Journal reporting that the climax of the movie will feature our famous skyscrapers, which have been getting quite a fair amount of Hollywood love lately. (Check out Wall Street Journal's article here.)

By the way, did anyone notice our financial district shown on a couple of episodes of "Agents of Shield" recently? If you didn't, tweet me and I'll show ya ;)

At this point, Zach's lovely biceps have proven to be very elusive. He wasn't seen in the many other iconic locations where Rupert Friend had been spotted - like Gardens by the Bay and Chinatown. So where *is* Zach?

Check out the continuing blog article for the progress of this exciting hunt!


Thanks to @alvobaby, @LadyHida and Davian for sharing all the Zach and "Agent 47" goodness!

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