Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Casting Call For "Agent 47" Production in Singapore!

Calling Singapore acting talent and fans who aspire to be part of a film production, here's a chance for you to be on the big screen!

"Agent 47", a 20th Century Fox production will be filming in Singapore from 28th April to 12 May 2014.

The movie is based on the game "Hitman", and a reboot of an earlier 2007 film starring Timothy Olyphant as the lead character.

This time Brit actor Rupert Friend ("Homeland"/ "Pride and Prejudice") takes up the titular contract killer character of "Agent 47" or "Hitman". The news that many of you are already aware of is that our favourite bb Zachary Quinto is also starring in the film.

There are little details about the movie on the grapevine. For instance, there is skant information as to what character Zach will be playing, but hints are pointing that he will be acting as a baddie. There are also very little leaks on what the plot and storyline is about.

Other cast members include Hannah Ware in the lead female role, and Thomas Kretschmann as the chairman of Syndicate International, an organization responsible for creating an army of unstoppable agents. Then, there is also actor Ciaran Hinds, who was Mance Ryder in HBO's series "Game of Thrones".

Currently, "Agent 47" is in production in Berlin, with direction by Aleksander Bach.

IGN had posted a first look of Rupert Friend as the bald assassin. Click here for the mildly spoilerish post. And if you are even more curious, and Googled smartly, you would most probably be able to find some candid Berlin on-set photos of Zach in Tumblr.

In addition, Zach has been posting several photos of his stay in Berlin on Instagram, including a recent one below:

So if you are interested in joining the rare casting call, here are the instructions!

CLICK HERE to view available roles and requirements

1. Email to Janice Ho, First Assistant Director from Infinite Frameworks Studios at janz.projectz@gmail.com
2. Header of email should be "A47 Auditions: RedDotDiva" with the following information:

i. Full Name
ii. Age
iii. Height, chest, waist & hip measurements
iv. Contact number & email
v. Current photograph/head shots
vi. Description of any related past experience &/or resume (if any)
vii. Availability between 28 April – 12 May 2014

Please state the role that you are applying for and ensure that your pictures and information are clear, accurate and recent.

And for more information, please email directly to Janice as well at janz.projectz@gmail.com

I do not have news yet as to who will or will not be in the Singapore set when the movie is in production here, but as soon as I do and can release the news, I will let you know.

Meanwhile, good luck to all the hopefuls, and do drop me a note if you get picked to be one of the featured cast members or extras!

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