Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zachary Quinto Returns To Comic-Cons.. and Will Then Debut On Broadway!

Our fave bb Zachary Quinto has jumped back into the convention circuit recently!

He is currently making an appearance at Wizard World Chicago yesterday and he will be at the Fan Expo Toronto - the largest pop-culture convention in Canada - for one day only, i.e. Saturday, 24 August.

It has been awhile since Zach has decided to bring his luxurious eyebrows and lean biceps along to a comic convention. From what we understand, big fan crowds or very geeky stuff are not really his thing.

The last comic convention Zach did was at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) in 2010. That was the first year I got a badge for SDCC, and the two panels he held that year were so awesome. For one of them, we were practically seated right up in front, where we could almost look up into the panelists nostrils. hahaha

The next year I lost my job (*sniffle*) and was not able to gather enough finances to make it to San Diego even though I had a badge. That was also the first year Zachary Levi and his team kicked-off an off-site venue called Nerd HQ. Even though Zach wasn't doing any SDCC panels, he joined his fellow BTD mates Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa, Victor Quinaz, artist Brent Schoonover, Michael McMillian and Stephen Christy from Archaia Entertainment at an intimate panel held in Nerd HQ to promote their latest graphic novels "Mr Murder Is Dead" as well as "Lucid".

(By the way, if you haven't read those books yet, they are GOOD! If you need more convincing, my book reviews are here:
"Mr Murder Is Dead"
"Lucid #2" )

Yesterday, a bunch of ZQC members living near the vicinity of Chicago got to meet Zach as well as his fellow "Heroes" cast mates Milo Ventimiglia (yum!) and Robert Knepper (yum yum!). There were also autograph and photo opportunities (paid ones) plus a Zach panel held on Saturday afternoon.

My pal and Super ZQ Fangirl Sara posted some sneak peek photos of Zach on her tumblr. Here's the first batch!



Several fan photos are already surfacing on Instagram, Twitter and on the ZQC page on Facebook. From the photos, Zach looked really relaxed and happy to meet his fans. And I've read many cool reports of him making small talk and giving his fans some very special and memorable moments.

Here's a YouTube fan video of a segment of the panel that Zach did at Wizard World (filmed by Monica Thompson):

Zach mentioned to Sara that his next stop will be Japan. Apparently this trip is for a Star Trek tour. Details of this are sketchy though. So if you are a ZQ fan in Japan reading this and feel comfortable corresponding in English, feel free to email me some news. :)

Then, it is probably time for Zach to get ready for his Broadway debut in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie".

The previews begin on 5 September, and tickets are already available online for some time. Officially, the Box Office for "The Glass Menagerie" at the Booth Theatre opened on 8 August. So Grab Your Tickets NOW!

It's definitely something not to be missed (if you can afford it), judging from the rave reviews the play received from several quarters during its first run in Boston.

Here's the teaser trailer:

As for me, I already have my TGM tickets set for 10 October and I will be watching the play together with like-minded pals Sara, Csilla, Erica (and hopefully Jasmine too!). SQUEE!

This will be my first time watching Zach perform in a play - and on Broadway, no less - and it will be worth every penny of my travel cost from Singapore to New York City.

So there seems to be plenty of chances for fans who are fortunate enough to make it to the same places/ dates where Zach will be this year. Hopefully, he might decided to sign up for some more comic convention appearances in 2014 too!


If you have a wonderful fan experience with Zach Quinto or any of the "Heroes"/ "American Horror Story"/ "Star Trek" (reboot) actors, feel free to send your write-up to me at Preferably with accompanying photos! :)

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