Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quinto Feet, Unfettered

Having Zachary Quinto back in LA made a lot of his fans very happy. For one thing, we get to see more pics of him.

Just this week, Zach caused quite a stir on the internet because he was caught scurrying to his car (a new Lexus!) in bare feet.

And that's how the world was re-introduced to the Quintoes - those cute adorable metatarsals that are found on the lanky lower limbs of our bb Zach. (More pics at!)

Being an islander myself, I have very little problems with visuals of feet. Some people seem to disassociate with feet as if they should not exist, or they mention distastefully that "feet are icky". Personally, I think that's odd. If one is to love and appreciate your own body, then you should accept and appreciate ALL parts of it.

So... Love the biceps, love the Quintoes, I say!

It is also a very South-East Asian thing to go barefoot every possible moment where we don't have to wear shoes as a social norm - like when going to work. Better still if we can work at a place where shoes are optional. And then, the other remaining time, you'll probably see us strolling around in tees, shorts and flip-flops.

Many Europeans might not quite understand that unfashionable concept very well. I would like to invite them to my very hot and humid island. They'll soon realize - fast enough - why having your feet the least shodden is the coolest way to go.

When one is up in space, however, that's another matter. Rumours have it that "Star Trek 2" will start filming this summer, and the release date is set to be quite firm in June 2012.

Zach and the ST cast/ crew are going to be real busy working in the studios then.

While wearing shoes, of course.

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