Saturday, March 26, 2011

Syfy and Taylor Shields??

Odd combi for sure.

I wouldn't have put much interest in this except that our bb, Zachary Quinto is involved in this mash-up somehow.

Coz really.... what has TS gotta do with a supposedly scifi channel? Oh wait, I'm sorry. It could be his love for taking pics and vids of that drug-addled suicidal stormtrooper.

And as much as I don't have great artistic regard for the camera-wielding person in question ( - after all, I'm only a plebeian -), I do admit he does take nice pics of his friend, Zachary Quinto.

But then again, spotting a bad ZQ pic is like a sighting a unicorn! For as long as I have been following his career, I've only seen a handful of bad ones. And yes, I'm also referring to the recent ones from Berlin where I wanted to mortally hurt a particular makeup artist with an eyebrown pencil.

So back to the topic at hand.... what *is* this Syfy-TS-ZQ thing?

Cable channel Syfy (which no longer Sci nor Fi very much ever since the rather lame name change) announced their 2011 season and has decided to jump into "reality". Zach is set to produce a documentary series on his friend, LA-based photographer Taylor Shields. The 10-episode unscripted show is entitled ... *drum roll*... "Taylor Shields".

The show will be co-produced by Relativity Real and the lovely people at Before The Door Pictures.

Not particular excited about this. Reality TV is mostly not my kinda thing. And I've watched only a few in my lifetime.

Coincidentally, about the same time Syfy announced their schedule, previously photographed but un-posted ZQ pics turned up on TS' website. If you haven't had enough of wet baptized Syler, then, the one of ZQ and his biceps in water would quench your thirst for quite awhile.

Which is a blessing really.

Coz as you can already tell.. I'm not much of a TS fan ;)


  1. Gotta admit, sometimes Tyler goes a little too far with some of his stuff. Then, he posts photos of Zach in a pool with the water making tiger-stripes and leopard-spots on his body.

    Then, I am very, very happy.

  2. Initially, I thought his take on the celebs behind his lenses were interesting.
    After a few of those same visuals -- with a sad need to "shock".

    Well... it no longer "shocked".

    And I lost interest.

  3. Well, what was 'new and shocking' has become kind of repetitive and predictable, which is the point when the old fashioned virtues of talent and technical skill come in. But I will say that Zach has shown himself, repeatedly, to be an incredibly loyal friend and co-worker.

  4. I agree with both ZQBiceps and Kannbrown. I do very much like most of Tyler's present pics of ZQ.

    I wasn't even crazy about the ones that looked like Zach was getting tossed on the ground, the ones that came out about 2 yrs ago, or the milk video [except when ZQ "got his revenge on Tyler"].

    Some of those pics looked like they were trying to appeal to a "rough trade" element, what do you think? [Tossed on the ground, handcuffs, screaming with knife, sitting on re-bar ...]