Friday, April 22, 2011

Any Heroes Fan Feeling Rich and Loaded?

If any "Heroes" fan feel that they have a sudden need to unload some cash, here's a place where you can spend it!

Oh, hold on. Wait..

First of all, feel free to consider sending me a LARGE donation for the blogs I maintain and write, or as monetary support for the rest of my bohemian life. ;) Then, head on to the Julien Auctions website for a few lots of very nice, collector-worthy "Heroes" set pieces, costumes and props.

For those who are unaware, Julien's Auctions is a reliable premiere auction house, specializing in entertainment auctions. They even deal in high-end celebrity estate.

The one item I know most Zachary Quinto fans are salivating for is the painting that Sylar drew when he was trying to prophesy about the showdown at Kirby Plaza. The auction site hints that perhaps ZQ's lean fingers could have had a hand in putting some of the paint on that canvas.

I noticed lots of other cool "Heroes" stuff being auctioned off. There's the katana sword belonging to Takezo Kensei (played by David Anders), the Sullivan Brothers carnival sign, the Haitian's silver briefcase, and the Heroes Gabriel Gray map. There's also that unforgettable painted floor mural by Isaac Mendez (played by Santiago Cabrera) that's up for grabs.

How is anyone going to display this floor mural? Do they hack up their own floor and install it in? That would be an A1 super-serious "Heroes" fan indeed!

In one lot of Sylar props, those geeky Michael Kors glasses of future Gabriel are also in it. Whoa.

My friend @eserei27 is bent on losing her pinkies and a thumb for the Sylar stuff. I am certain she wants to obtain Zach's DNA for insidiously questionable intentions. I encouraged her to go for it. She needn't have to worry about the thumb. I am sure one of her doctor friends will be able to replace her lost thumb by implanting a big toe from her foot. :p

I would also like to warn the person who finally wins the auction for the Heroes Noah Bennett props

Please secure your Noah items safely from dangerously persistent fans, like @dref22. If you ever notice a person from the land of Turkey lurking around your house, you know what to do!!!!

Soooooooo..... is anybody I know going to be bidding for any of these items?? I, of poor financial blood, am definitely not bidding for any.

But if you've won an auction for any of these "Heroes" props or costumes, write me or tweet me at @syzzlyn! I'd like to know what you won and what the auction experience was like!


  1. I just wanted to drop by and say:

    I'll be watching the winner.

  2. I want everything on this site. But mostly I'm just gonna bid on the HRGs to make dref jealous...

  3. you guyz are such scary fans... D:

    But I'll join you in grabbing the HRGs and molesting them before @dref22 can *g*

  4. eeehhh!!! I won the painting!!!