Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Margin Call To Go Sundance-ing

As you all might already know (.. well, unless you have been living thousands of feet underground in caves with some grumpy dwarves.... ), "Margin Call", the first movie produced by production company Before The Door, and directed by newcomer J.C .Chandor, is one of the films showing at the Sundance Festival 2011.

This is super exciting news for those who have been stalking ... er.. following Zachary Quinto's endeavours post-"Heroes" and BTD's list of projects.

The financial thriller movie has pretty big name stars like Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci, Jeremy Irons and Paul Bettany plus  Mary McDonnell, Simon Baker, Penn Badgley and Zach himself. And it will, in fact, make its worldwide premiere at the festival held on 20th - 30th January 2011 in Park City, Utah.

There was also news that Zach and all the actors mentioned in the above paragraph will be making a confirmed appearance at the Sundance Festival to celebrate "Margin Call"'s premiere. (Source: The Salt Lake Tribune) I mean, how can Zach not be there, right?!? This is a big thing that may herald a string of possible successes for future projects!

However, because Zach is currently acting as Louis Ironson in Signature Theatre's off-Broadway production of "Angels in America", this would mean that he would have to bow out from the stage on 25 and 26 January when he heads to the festival. Terribly unfortunate for those who bought tickets on those days JUST to see Zach... but I personally wouldn't expect him to forgo showing up at the Sundance festival.

Besides, I do so want to see his biceps jiving a sun-dance in Utah (even if it's still cold!).

Due to the media exposure relating to "Margin Call" being at the Sundance festival, there has been quite a bit of buzz lately.

"Margin Call" was #7 on 2010's Blacklist (Source: Deadline Hollywood) - an annual list that compiled suggestions of favourite scripts from several film executives and which have not been released in theatres in 2010.

Paul Bettany, who was promoting his movie "The Priest" also talked a little about the movie in his interview with the Vancouver Sun.

And it sure helped that Kevin Spacey is also up for Best Comedy Actor for "Casino Jack" at the Golden Globes this month!!

Kevin Spacey was last seen spending time with Zach last weekend in NYC. A bunch of ZQC-ers and some other fans were in NYC and some have bumped into both Kevin and Zach after the play. I'm sure you can scope out more goss about this on Twitter or at ZQC itself.

There's also a new interview by Zachary for Signature Theatre that was posted recently. In this video, Zach answers some questions from Twitter and Facebook. Check this out!

Signature's Angels In America: Zachary Quinto from Signature Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Oh, and the ever-cheeky @doubleshiny - owner of the Zachary Quinto UK website - and who so gloriously went phallic in NYC when she was there to watch "Angels in America", has posted her scene by scene review:
- Part 1, Act 1
- Part 2, Act 1

And I do have to warn the general public that my interstate-trotting friend, @eserei27, will be heading to NYC this weekend. For what, you ask? What else but to watch "Angels in America" too??!

I have issued her dare which includes licking.... and biceps. I doubt she'd manage to accomplish it, to be honest. But with @eserei27, I can never quite know sometimes! ;)

So ... look out for more AiA goss.. probably soonish!


  1. Great blog post, Syzzlyn!
    BtD put so much into this movie... I hope it succeeds BIG. There's a lot at risk for them. Ever wonder why the other projects are not out yet?
    Best of luck for the guys!!!

  2. So proud and happy for Zach and BTD! Margin Call getting amazing buzz + being picked up and will show in usa april 15 - You pulled it all together in this blog! Great job, as usual =)