Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Be Careful" -- More Margin Call Buzz

Hyping up the "Margin Call" buzz with its Sundance Festival premiere this month, is an exclusive poster for the occasion.

Collider had the exclusive and posted the article and poster a couple of days ago. Here's the link to the article.

I thought it was savvy that the poster didn't focus too much on the faces and names of the acting luminaries that seem to be crowding the cast list. I mean, after all, these names already speak for themselves. And with a simple poster like this, it goes to show how much the producers and marketing team are more eager to highlight *the story* of the movie.

This must reflect something about the script that seems to be creating some excitement amongst the industry folks.

However, I anticipate that the poster from the actual distributed movie release would be quite different, and will be more attuned to the various countries it has been sold to.

To add to the poster teaser, there were also 4 "Margin Call" movie clips released online by Collider earlier. These have now been removed from the site.

For those who missed the clips, here's what I saw. In Clip #1, there was a serious discussion between Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacy) and John Tuld (Jeremy Irons). Clip #2 consisted of Sarah Robertson (Demi Moore) wanting to give some pretty bad news to an already worried-looking Jared Cohen (Simon Baker) and nonchalant Sam. The group appeared to have uncomfortably conspired to keep the news from Tuld's knowlege.

The third and fourth clip previewed some ZQ biceps in Wall Street style shirt and tie. The scene from Clip #3 showed the analyst team at their workstations late at night. It seems it was at this point that the analyst, Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) had discovered something about a trend of figures and was telling this to his colleagues, Seth Bregman and Will Emerson (Penn Badgley and Paul Bettany).

The last clip seems to be a crucial one where Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci) was morosely carrying a box of his personal effects and being escorted by a security guard out of the office. Peter (Zachary Quinto) seemed very apologetic about his colleague (supervisor's??) leaving and as he conversed with Eric (who had already entered the elevator), Eric revealed that he was looking into something but couldn't quite finish it. A mini USB device was hurriedly passed onto Peter, and Eric then warned ominously, "Be careful."

You probably can still catch the last two clips at a wonderful website called Zachary-Kristen website. Click here quick!

Many of us were probably also not aware that, besides Before The Door, there was another set of people involved in the production "Margin Call". The producing team also includes Michael Benaroya and Robert Ogden Barnum (Benaroya Pictures), Joe Jenckes, and executive producers Cassian Elwes, Laura Rister, Randy Manis, and Joshua Blum (Washington Square Films).

Cassian Elwes, known to be one of the most influential people in the indie film industry, has recently joined Twitter. Feel free to follow him!

All these evil teasers and news are getting me way more curious about the indie movie. "Margin Call" better make its way to the Singapore theatres!


  1. I´d love to see the gag reel of MC to see how many OMGs Zach did before getting the "volatility boundaries" line right. Adam Kaufman must have helped...

  2. Hi there! I love your article. I have seen all trailer clips and read all other websites articles as well. But as far as yours goes it's much better then reading all the other website articles. Sad but true! The real English writers gives the better understanding reviews(straight to the point). I have to say yours is the best I have read.

  3. Thanks Favalencia.

    Those websites, being far more popular than mine, probably have a team of writers and with the amount of news they have, they need to churn articles out fast.

    So mostly, they write them straightforward and simple for easy reading from people who skim through news, and some are even verbatim from press releases.

    My blog isn't for that main purpose I guess. I need an outlet to express myself and hence, it's descriptive in my own personal style.

  4. This movie looks intelligent, well-written, and especially well-acted. Watch ZQ's eyes in that scene as Tucci is about to go through the glass doors to the elevator. I ADORE actors who emote through their eyes. You can almost read his mind there.

    I hope this film gets into at least the art houses in the US. Because I really want to see it.