Sunday, January 23, 2011

Margin Call Flexes Some Good Reviews

Together with its worldwide premiere at the Sundance Festival, there was a press screening on 21 January for "Margin Call". Many reviews for the indie movie then began to trickle through the interwebs.

The buzz has been picking up for the movie prior to the festival, with hoardes of distributors flocking to the screening, which was filled minutes after doors opened! There was definitely no shortage of offers from buyers for this star-studded indie film - the first one produced by our beloved bb, Zachary Quinto and his team at Before The Door.

Executive producer Cassian Elwes tweeted: "Variety loved margin call. Very good news. Multiple offers. Decisions to make."

And according to Variety's review article, the movie is "coolly absorbing" and that "formally, the film is a real pleasure". Click here for the full article.

The Wrap also concurs that the movie is "an engrossing drama" but was a little tentative about its mass appeal with the tough subject matter involved.

Another website, gave the movie an A- saying that it is "elegantly told". The detailed review is in this link.

After viewing the short "Margin Call" film clips leaked earlier, I was also a tad worried about how well the movie might be able to put across - in layman terms - the computational and statistical faux pas involved in the downfall of the financial institution.

And I also wondered if it might be a tad "too talky" despite expectedly strong performances from the well-known cast. I guess I wouldn't know till I watch the movie for myself. Somebody better buy the movie for the Singapore market. Else I'd have no qualms inflicting said distributor with the Furnunculus Curse.

Most reviewers praised the performances of consummate lead actor, Kevin Spacey. And some gave nods to Penn Badgley and Zach too. It seemed that all complimented writer-director J.C. Chandor on his smart handling of the Wall Street story and his keen observation and exploration of the various characters' motivations during the financial tragedy.

We don't quite know much about first-time feature film director J.C. Chandor so I was glad that there was an interview with him by Standard-Examiner. I have yet to see J.C.'s actual biceps but it was definitely interesting to note that the story was written based on the investment banking world which he is familiar with because his father had worked in that line of business. It says a lot about writing what you know and what you are passionate about - a topic that I'm personally interested in. Read the J.C. interview here. 

And all this hype has helped bring "Margin Call" to the 61st Berlin Film Festival! (Source: The movie will compete with 15 others for the Silver Bear Award in February 2011.

Very exciting news indeed!

Before The Door -- you guys definitely seem poised to soar!

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