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More ... From A Props Master

This is the continuing interview segment with James Clark (@JamesProps) - the On-Set Props Master for "Heroes" and recently, "The Event".

In Part 1 of the interview, we gained some insights into James' passionately detailed and hard work dealing with on-set props on various shows.

In this second part, James shares with us more about his work experiences with actors and gets a little personal with us.


7. Who was the most fun cast member to work with? (from @dref22)

I have different favorite actors for different reasons. Some because they are “easy”. Milo is very particular but totally self-sufficient. He will reset himself for a whole scene depending on what it is - always being aware of his continuity and doing his actions.

Some because they are so amazing to watch when they are doing their jobs. Ian McShane on “Deadwood” was captivating to watch act. We would be watching the monitors just in awe of his skills.

Others because of who they are. I worked one day on “Dickie Roberts Former Child Star”. It just happened to be the day they did the end credit song, and I met so many actors from the TV shows I watched growing up. Truly the most surreal day of work ever!

8. What are some of your fondest memories from "Heroes"? (from @ebrown2112)

There are so many memories from "Heroes". They become fonder everyday. They don’t come as full memories. More like flashes of quick moments.

Long days that become boiled down into minutes and even seconds. Remember... this was my job everyday for a long span of time that bled into itself over a period of almost five years. When you are running through a forest that’s on fire you don’t get to look at all the trees.

I met, worked and collaborated with some of the most talented people I think I will ever have the pleasure of being entrenched with through the battles of film production. To be surrounded by so much creativity everyday, to have had a hand in that creativity, and to feel that your voice was heard and respected by those around you - especially from people I have so much respect for - made me feel like I was a part of something so much larger than I imagined. It’s that feeling that is my fondest memory.

9. We are curious - could you share with us the reasons why you decided to leave "The Event?" (from @dref22)

There were many factors which affected my decision to leave "The Event". It was not something I did with joy. It is not in my work ethic to quit or leave something I've started, so when the time came to leave, it was painful on a personal and emotional level.

Leaving actors and crew that you have developed working and personal relationships with is not easy. But it was the right thing for ME to do.

10. Do you have a special new gig in mind?

I have been day playing around a little bit on other shows and films. I’ve been working on some photography as well as trying to develop some projects of my own.

My wife, the brains of the operation, is currently in the TRONosphere and working on a new feature film so I am trying to give her as much support as I can here at home.

11. What are your future goals and what else do you aim to achieve in the business? (from @cattysheba)

I still want to write and direct. Working long days and giving so much of yourself to someone else’s vision can leave you with very little time and energy to work on your own creative visions.

12. Do you have another special talent that us twitter followers do not know about yet? :)

I enjoy photography. I am working on trying to have a small showing. I have been told I should do stand up. So maybe some improve?

@syzzlyn's note: Here's some of James' pretty photography!
Cris Rose at Coyote Sands

"Above LA"

13. Is there something or some things that you especially geek over?

Star Wars, Film Editing and Music Software, Swap Meets and Yard Sales and Small Town Antique Stores or Pawn Shops. Good Food!!

14. How much do you like geek girls?

Enough to marry one! Hi Babe!!


Geekettes, don't you love guys who adore geek girls? ;)

James Clark is married to costume designer, Christine Bieselin Clark. As mentioned by James earlier, Christine was recently hard at work for the movie, "TRON: Legacy". She has worked in several blockbuster films like "300", "Shall We Dance" and "Watchmen". Check out Christine's IMDb info here!

Thanks again to James for taking the time to do this interview and contributing the many pics used.

Go ahead and tweet him to show your appreciation, or let him know if you'd rather he show his photography or do stand-up comedy! Also, do join us at our Facebook Fan Appreciation Page for James right here!

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