Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angel Soaring Off-Broadway

On October 28, 2010 after weeks of performances to mainly press and privileged ticket holders, Signature Theatre's off-Broadway production of "Angels in America" finally spread its wings and soared to generally positive reviews.

Most critics have labelled the production as good or satisfying.

Leading up to opening night, our bb Zachary Quinto managed to some garner in-depth press, including one from NY Times! (Click here for the article.) I thought this article was fairly written and showed Zach's focus on things that he feels are *truly* important to him.

If you are interested in reading the gamut of "Angels in America" reviews after opening night, here are some of them:

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- Hollywood Reporter
- NY Times
- Time Out New York Theatre
- NY Daily News - a 4 star review
- LA Times review
- LA Times (a round-up of critics' reactions to the play)
- EW.com - an A- review
- Variety

It is quite evident that Zach's performance as the unfaithful Louis Ironson has been widely appreciated, with positive adjectives like "charismatic", "impressive", "remarkably authentic", "sensitive and savvy", used in the reviews.

"Heroes" as a cult TV series was downtrodden by critics a great deal especially after Season 2. Even though Zach gained huge popularity due to the nature of the "Star Trek" franchise, I felt Zach's screen-grabbing work as the villainous yet magnetic Sylar had gone under-appreciated for far too long. So, as a ZQ fan, I couldn't help but feel proud that he has garnered such critical praise with "Angels in America". It's about time he shone and soared like an angel, don't you think?

And what's an opening night without a party? For the after-party shindig at Pio Pio, Zachary strutted down the red carpet with slicked-back hair and a tawny-dark grey suit. Most of us thought he was channelling Gabriel Gray - ironically, a character with the name of an angel.

Check out the pretty photo coverage at Broadway.com

With tickets selling fast, Signature Theatre has extended the play's run to February 20th. Millennium Approaches - Part 1 and Perestroika - Part 2 of "Angels in America", will alternate in repertory from the start of performances.

I wish I could make it to watch this play and appreciate the real ZQ biceps live on stage. But alas, practical reasons prevail and I can only support Zach in spirit from afar. Enjoying the play vicariously through my friends who will be watching it in January 2011 might help in some way, as well as getting a taste of the play and Zach-in-motion from Signature Theatre's promo video:

Angels In America - Signature Theatre Trailer from Signature Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Zach sure made the smart, brave and right move by following his heart with this iconic Tony Kushner masterpiece. Even the critics noticed that. We hope more theatre success will follow him in the future!

In the meantime, quite a few of us are also keeping an eye on news concerning Before The Door's indie movie, "Margin Call". Things seem to be heating up on that side of things lately, and we hope it continues to get hotter!

After all, we are here to gladly help "fan" the flames. :D


  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly about it being nice to finally see Zach get some recognition for his stellar acting. No matter what you thought of Heroes as a series, you would have been hard pressed not to realize that they had something golden in Zachary Quinto's portrayal of Sylar. I'm really enjoying seeing all this positive feedback for Zach in this play. He's earned it, and he certainly deserves it!

  2. Zachary played the most complicated of roles in the play, and was absolutely riveting and marvellous. He is a very accomplished actor and I hope this play leads to many more leading roles for him in film and on stage. He thoroughly deserves the accolades and a great reputation as an actor!

    As soon as I have my recall of everything, I promise, I'll post!

    If you are at all close to NYC GO ... go ... GO to "Angels in America"!!! The mordant wit and deep issues will make you laugh and think and deeply consider. It's well worth the price of tickets.

    And ZQ is not only wonderful in the production, but you get to watch him act for six hours if you see both parts of "AiA"!!

    What could be better?

  3. eserei27 - I know right??! Sylar!

    It's definitely worth the price of the ticket.. but alas not my Singapore to NYC airticket nor the time allowed to travel all that way for this and back.

    Nobody has yet signed up to be my sponsor and support all my living needs. For I'd have to quit my job if I go for this.