Monday, February 4, 2013

American Repertory Theatre's "The Glass Menagerie" - Preview Night Kick-off with Zachary Quinto and others

So, I just realized it's Superbowl today.

But yesterday in Boston, it was a different kind of kick-off. 

Together with two-time Tony award-winning actress Cherry Jones, Celia Keenan-Bolger and Brian J. Smith, our fave bb Zachary Quinto led the preview of American Repertory Theatre's "The Glass Menagerie" at the Loeb Drama Center.

As most of us know, Zach loves flexing his acting biceps on stage and doing plays. This time, he has taken up the role of a frustrated son, Tom Wingfield, in Tennessee Williams' play.

(Check out the previously reported blog post on "The Glass Menagerie" here.)

After seeing him as serial killers in "Heroes" and "American Horror Story" and the stoic Spock from the rebooted "Star Trek"  movie, I'm sure it will be a treat to watch Zach do a take on a different kind of personality. 

During rehearsals late last year, both Zach's cute and furry companions Noah and little Skunk were with him in Boston. The furry-pawed duo were also with him during preview night and some lucky fans got to meet and pet them! (Everyone, altogether now..... "Awwwwwwwwwww....!")

(Thanks to creative editor and photographer MrChunkyExpress for sharing the pic above.)

I haven't seen many early reviews on theater websites being posted yet, but MrChunkyExpress did effusively express on Twitter that it was an "Amazing opening tonight.. Just brilliant!!"

And comments on Twitter ranged from "enthralling, with some amazing acting, and thought provoking design choices" (@SLOTHlevine) to "Cherry Jones, @celiakb, @ZacharyQuinto and Brian Smith smashed my heart in a million pieces" (@avb). All in all, audience preliminary reviews seem to be very positive!

Next weekend and the week after, many of my fellow ZQ-appreciators will be heading to Boston to watch the play and to show some ZQ-support (as we always do!). 

A couple have promised to send me their thoughts after watching the play, so stay tuned to more news on this blog.

Personally, I am wishing - hope of all hopes - that the play will be a wonderful success and that the production campany will be able to take it to Broadway. Just 'coz it will be so much easier for me to airplane it there to indulge in some A.R.T.-ful ZQ Biceps!


Want to catch "The Glass Menagerie" in Boston? 
The John Tiffany-directed play runs from 2 Feb to 17 March.
Tickets are available from the American Repertory Theater's website. Click here to buy!

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