Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zachary Quinto and His Political Stand in Team Obama

Quinto and Obama biceps!
Here's another thing to add to my growing list of why I still have a thing for Zachary Quinto's Biceps: they pack quite a political punch.

It is a well-known fact in the ZQ-fandom that it's a Spockbama world.

From the time we saw his 2009 blog post with photos of when he met President Obama at a fundraiser, we were aware that Zach is a strong supporter of USA's 44th President.

And he got even more vocal when the last election campaign was underway.

In the closely fought and oft-polarizing battle for top man in the USA, it was inspiring to see Zach being passionate about what he strongly believed in, and what he believed Obama believed in, and the unwavering hope he had for freedom and equality in his country.

Sexy political Quinto biceps
As a famous and openly gay celebrity, he knew he could make a difference, and he gamely took up his torch, speaking out (loudly and proudly in his own special way) in colleges from Florida to Wisconsin, Colorado and Nevada.

Together with other Hollywood stars like Rachel Leigh Cook, Ben McKenzie, Bryan Greenberg, Nick Zano, Jon Hamm and fellow Star Trek actor John Cho - just to name a few - Zach shared about his personal experiences on topics that mattered to him, fervently asking people to vote and to make their voices heard.

About Zach's political stand, Lindsay from ZQC says, "Zachary reminds me of what is good & right in the world - and that I need to work to support it."

The celebs in Colorado

Stephanie Painter commented on my blog FB page: "I think his choice was intelligent, passionate, and caring. The amount of his involvement with the Obama campaign is something to be celebrated, grateful for, and commended."


Zach's biceps workin' on the hotline

During that nail-biting journey on polling day, Zach was especially hyped up and on fire. He was in Chicago at the Obama HQ manning the voter protection hotline for 6 hours! Those biceps were working really hard!

After which, Zach attended the election watch as a special guest (w000t!), tweeting that he was never felt so fired up in his adult life.

At the Election Watch (Pic: NBC News)
I can totes identify with that. I was just as invested in the process even though I am not a US citizen. Some people may have wondered why. "Don't you think the US Elections have very little direct impact on your life?"

Oh, how wrong they are. The US Election results are quite, quite personal.

Through the years being in various fandoms, I have got to know many friends from the US, and quite a few of them have a special place in my heart. Then, as a pop-culture blogger and comic convention attendee in recent years, my social network expanded to include a number of celebrities and industry folks whom I grown to admire even more after meeting them in person. (This of course includes Zach Quinto.)

In addition, Obama's stand on equality and rights for a diverse group of people gives me hope that one day our island could also be a more inclusive, gracious and cohesive society.

And that war which a certain administration started and then continued for another 10 years? It affected us ALL. I cannot fully express how many times I felt the indignation, pain and sorrow that war caused. We are more connected than one would think.

Lastly, with regards to the current state of USA's financial health and unemployment, I do not need to start citing the several ways it has already affected the rest of the world's economies and businesses.

I am very sure I am not alone in what I feel. I know because I saw many folks from various countries who were tuned in to last night's election proceedings too, and we were banking that America will choose to move forward.

We are glad you did.

Barack Obama steps in for another four years.

Despite how you voted or what your personal beliefs are, I trust that humanity, love and hope will prevail more than cynicism and despair.

So, here's my personal toast to a better future. For everyone.


  1. Bravo! I am so happy to see my president get another four years to continue to move this country in a positive direction. His victory last night warms my heart.

    As for Zach, I've always known he was a good actor (and pretty easy on the eyes); it's nice to know that he's a good person too. His support for the president, and his passion in this fight for equality for ALL, has made me respect and love him even more. And I honestly didn't think that was possible.

  2. Your interest is a wonderful reminder that we are indeed a global society. I appreciate your role in facilitating that, bringing us together over a common interest. A hunky, bicep-endowed common interest.:-)