Sunday, February 26, 2012

Star Trek 2 Set Pics: Who's Up For A Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

After the phenomenal success of the Star Trek reboot movie by JJ Abrams, Trek fans have been waiting a very looooong time for the next movie to begin filming. Finally, in January this year, production kicked off for the second "Star Trek" reboot film, with no changes to the primary cast.

JJ has been caught up with several high-profile projects in the past few years. The charming retro kids' adventure movie "Super 8", the Lost-like "Prisoner of the Week" new TV series "Alcatraz", moody time-crossing scifi TV show "Fringe" and the explosive spy franchise "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" are just some of them. 

So much so, that the "Star Trek" movie was put on hold till he could have more time to focus on it. Especially since he's back at the directors' chair.

A week after filming began, writer/ producer Robert Orci, a rather active twitter user,  teased fans on the first "Star Trek 2" set photo when he got to 10,000 followers "that night". And he sure gave us a nice "family photo" treat. Check this out, and spot our favourite pointy-eared fellow in that pic!

In fact, Bob tweets interesting set and production photos from time to time, so if you're the nosy sort, follow him on Twitter!

Then, some hours back, Trek fans were given another boost of photo thrill. The first few action pics from the "Star Trek 2" set was featured on, showing dear Quinto-Spock and "Cumby-patch" taking it out on each other. Since then, both camps of fandoms have been so full of squees.

I know quite a few Quinto fans who are jealous of Cumby receiving the "benefits" of the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Can't blame them. Wouldn't mind one myself.  *grin*

There were also photos showing cute Zoe Saldana as Uhura wielding a phaser and still looking cute in that trademark red mini-skirt uniform and boots. Did she save the day in that scene?

Zach has said in an interview that "Star Trek 2"will be "bigger and bolder", and more dynamic. I can't wait to get a little more spoilers - just a tad - on what the story will be about. The set has been so hush-hush that we don't even know what character Cumby is playing!!

The movie is set to open in May 2013.

Will Paramount be plugging the movie at this year's SDCC, I wonder. If they are, I'm going to be in the crazy long line to get into their panel. Just like a rabid Twat .. er I mean, Twilight fan!

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