Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Oscar Nomination For "Margin Call"!

The nominations list for the 2012 Oscars have just been announced and...

W00t W00t!

Everyone...  flail your biceps round the house...

'Coz "Margin Call" has received a nomination for Writing (Original Screenplay)! The movie's director J.C. Chandor, is also the screenwriter for the indie movie produced by Before The Door.

This is such super-exciting news!

It is just the 2nd day of The Year of the Dragon and the mythical creature has already brought in good tidings!

Heartiest congratulations to Zachary Quinto and the fabulous Before The Door, J.C. Chandor and the team of actors, producers, crew members for "Margin Call". And it's marvellous that JC and BTD team receive an Oscar nomination for their first movie!

Will "Margin Call" actually walk away with an Oscar this year?

Together with the mass of ZQ fans, I certainly hope so!

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