Monday, January 2, 2012

Fans Look Back To Their Favourite 2011 Quinto Moments

It's the start of the New Year!

And with all the fireworks and celebrations, I am eager to see what else Zachary Quinto and Before The Door will have in store for us in 2012.

At the top of my personal list is Sian Heder's short film "Dog Eat Dog"! I can't wait to receive my DVD of the little movie, which I'm sure will be entertaining and funny at the same time!

Just before 2011 wrapped up, I asked ZQ fans to send me messages about their fave Quinto moments. I had intended to post them before the New Year arrived, but a host of evil digitalized nano-elves decided to chew up and crash my internet connection. So while I was surviving by the skin of my fingers, on my telco's 3G to stay connected, I was unable to write online and post blogs last week.

Hence, pardon ... for having a rather late, and a little retrospective post. But I can assure you, it's an enjoyable peek back at some wonderful Zachary Quinto fan memories!

Here are what some folks reminisced about their 2011 ZQ Fan Moments:

Lindsay: Everyone here should know my best Quinto moment: being at the "Dog Eat Dog" shoot. And I'm sorry, @syzzlyn, I know you said I should squeeze his biceps for you, but I just couldn't. I did kinda poke him in the ribs to get him to smile for a photo. Does that count?

Ambra: Getting to see ZQ in "Angels in America". Not only an amazing performance but a few nice bare biceps scenes!

Sara (@eserei27): One of my favorite ZQ moments in 2011 was getting to meet Zach with the diva behind ZQ Biceps blog right next to me. Loved being able to explain to Zach that his. I biceps inspire us all!

Also enjoyed "Angels in America", where the biceps where on full display, including his tattoo :)

Lastly, my very favorite ZQ moment was being on set for "Dog Eat Dog", seeing those biceps picking up that new puppy he's been toting around :)

HardlyanAngel - My #1 ZQ moment was when @eserei27 got to spend the day w/him on set & came home 2 tell me about it:) 
(@syzzlyn's note - Best vicarious ZQ memory ever :p ) 

@wikkibird - Seeing him, all of him (grins), on stage in in "Angels in America" in NYC with fellow ZQ fans and having the best epiphany of my life.

@schnippie - Seeing "Angels in America" (especially the -stage fight with Bill Heck - my favorite Woah-moment), and that he took his time with us (ZQC group) after the play

No surprises about "Angels in America" (the off-Broadway production in which Zach was part of the cast and was involved in a nude scene) being an indelible memory point for many fans who were able to watch the award-winning play.

As for my own fave personal ZQ moment? It was my second time meeting him person at St Mark's comic store at NY. Let's just say -- not many things feel as loving and warm as being the subject of a good Zach semi-serious snark, complete with a male sigh and a series of resplendent exclamation marks. (Check out the full story on this blog post.)

I was blissfully floating on a pink estrogen cloud for a few days.

And as we get ready for another year of Quinto fabulous-ness, let's celebrate by taking another look at a New Year short video that I love.

Here's "Bordeaux". Enjoy!

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