Friday, July 11, 2014

Agent 47: More of Zachary Quinto's Biceps at Comic-Con!

Zach at "Agent 47" Robinson Road, Singapore (Pic by Sion Touhig)

 And the bicepstuous Zachary Quinto Comic-Con news just keep trickling in!

"Agent 47" will be at Comic-Con 2014 on Friday 24 July, as part of the 20th Century Fox promo slot in Hall H from 4:20 to 6:20 pm!

A few of us have been wondering if 20th Century Fox will be bringing "Agent 4" to Comic-Con. After all, the action-thriller movie is based on the popular "Hitman" video game, and where else can you find one of the largest groups of game players and genre lovers?

Also, with recent news that Zach will be doing a Starz panel for reality series "The Chair" on Friday early afternoon, there seemed an even higher likelihood there would be something relating to "Agent 47".

Now, our ZQ-SDCC dreams have come true!

At the moment, both Zachary Quinto and co-star Hannah Ware will be representing "Agent 47" at the panel.
Which is really awesome news I have to say.

20th Century Fox is opening up a press room for the other shows - "The Maze Runner", "Let's Be Cops", "The Book of Life", "Kingsman: The Secret Service" - which they are also bringing to Comic-Con on Friday.

Mostly, I am hoping that I will be able to get confirmed entry into these press opportunities! "Agent 47" was partially filmed in Singapore, and as a native, I would love to ask Zach and his biceps a question about the production at Comic-Con.

So, I would appreciate your support if you could help digitally sacrifice more virgins to the press ops goddesses, if you can! ;)

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  1. Virgins? Hmm, hard to find these days. :-)
    With one panel at 1 and another at 4, there'd be time for them to pop over to Nerd HQ!!