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October Is The Time To Go Bonkers - Catch Season 2 of "American Horror Story"!

I'm usually not a big fan of the horror genre but two TV series eerily kidnapped a portion of my very precious time and gripped my soul in the last couple of years or so.

The first is AMC's gripping and heart-breaking TV version of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series "The Walking Dead" (and to think that zombies are usually NOT my favourite kind of ghoulies).

The other is the fabulously warped "American Horror Story" (AHS) on the FX channel, by the creative duo of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. In terms of horror stories, I have to say, based on Season 1, AHS is in a class of its own. Its creeptastic moments and sometimes stylistic twists never quite lets up and the series even surpasses several lame movies of the same genre.

Unlike so many other returning TV series, Season 2 of AHS breaks continuity by being into a different timeline, different setting and premise but with familiar faces. Season 1 actors like the screengrabbing Jessica Lange (lerve her!!) and other cast members like the talented Frances Conroy, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and the yummiest of all - Zachary Quinto, will be back on the show. They will all, however, be taking on entirely different characters.

If that's not actually warped idea by itself, what else is?

Other new cast members in Season 2 include one of my fave actors of all time, the dark and handsome Joseph Fiennes, and Adam Levine - the sexy rock star who is relatively new to the acting scene but who has really toned biceps too. Then, there are other well known actors like Chloƫ Sevigny, Clea DuVall and Franka Potente - just to name a few.

Taking place a few decades earlier in the 1960's, the new season of AHS unravels in an asylum run by the head honcho nun Sister Jude played by Jessica Lange. And this mental institution will be the base of a gamut of deep psychological horror rather than bloody happenings in the first season.

The folks at AHS had been going quite crazy during their viral campaign, releasing a slew of very creepy teasers intermittently for several weeks. No wailing complaints from me about that. The provocative teasers were really well done and gave me the goosebumps. Nuns in masks, screams, body parts, bandages, examinations, pills, terrified eyes, red rave, white rave... disturbing images displayed in that mostly sick yellow hue, time jerks and cue to that unforgettable haunting bassline of the AHS theme song. Makes you wanna take some Prozac just to calm down the mind.

The creepiest teaser, to me, was this one called "Ascend":

That ... demonic crawler underneath the staircase! Eeeeeeeee.... !!!

But it was only about a month or so ago that we finally managed to see some Zach Quinto biceps as psychologist Dr. Oliver Thredson. This was in a preview video musically accompanied by a spooky version of "Que Sera Sera" (*shudder*) that gave us hints as to what Dr Thredson would be doing, as well as what is going to be in store for each character:

Someone call me a doctor! I need some of those biceps!

More about Dr Thredson was later revealed in a behind the scenes video called "Inside The Asylum". This time, we were shown Zach with hair all slicked back, and wearing those geeky glasses as Dr Thredson, looking smokin' hot in one scene and all bicepstuously casual in a white wife beater. Fans of "Heroes" baddie Gabriel Gray basically swooned in unison at that sight.

Then, in the preview video called "Atheist", we got to hear the character requesting to "speak privately about the conditions" of the asylum with Sister Jude. More hints that Dr Thredson is quite against the questionable practices carried out in Briarcliff Manor.

And he's not the only one.

The reporter played by Sarah Paulson seems to be bent on following her suspicions and investigating what's going on in the mental institution too.

But the best of all teasers was the first five minutes of the premiere which was released mainly to USA fans just this week. Lucky buggers.
Thanks to a couple of rippers, I managed to catch the short snippet of the season opener. Ready for some spoilers????

It was mostly of photographer Leo and Theresa (Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan-Tatum), a pair of giggly newlyweds getting their bump and ride at the ruins of Briarcliff, just because one of them is a horror buff. Gotta admit, Adam Levine doing lewd things on screen sure made me get my pervy on too. HOT STUFF. Although, I am not sure what's going to happen to Leo's biceps. It seems to be in dreadful peril.

Oh, and don't forget about someone -- a killer called "Bloody Face" -- whose mug seems like a grimacing cousin of the drawings made by "The Mentalist's" Red John. In fact, "Bloody Face" was one of the earliest clue given to the fans by creator Ryan Murphy back in July.

With so many visuals laid before us, I am still not sure if "Asylum" is just about mental torture and medical experiments? Or about a murderer with some supernatural inclinations..  Or a potent mix of both? What one of the teaser did warn us was to get ready for "Fear .... Lust ... and Insanity".

Argh. The suspense is driving me NUTS.

I'm all ready to get myself committed.
On Oct 17th.
Are you?


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