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At Hollyshorts Film Festival 2012: A Zachary Quinto Encounter

It was exciting times earlier this month for Zachary Quinto, Before The Door and the team from PERIODS Films.

The quirky web-series "PERIODS", produced by Before the Door and created by Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci, had its official worldwide premiere at the Hollyshorts Film Festival 2012 on opening night, August 9th.

Many Zachary Quinto fans are already familiar with "PERIODS" and quite a few of them were able to make it to Los Angeles' Grauman's Chinese Theatre to celebrate the premiere with Zach and his friends!

(To get to know more about "PERIODS", Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci - click here for my interview with these two wonderful creative people!)

I wish I could have been there to enjoy all those creative biceps that night. Plus, I really miss the fangirly biceps of my friends - @eserei27, @HardlyanAngel and @syellefan88 - after leaving them post-Comic-Con just two weeks ago. *sniff*

But it was also nice to see/ hear of a bunch of familiar ZQ fans getting together for a fun night in Hollywood.

The first fan report that I have on that night's events is from Gloria. Here's her rundown of the Hollyshorts opening night!

Our group of Zachary Quinto fans, who mostly only knew each other online, converged on Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for Opening Night of HollyShorts Film Festival.

We saw a four-hour program of short films, including a documentary and the "PERIODS" improvisation pieces. Zach introduced the "PERIODS" Films portion of the program as an actor and producer. 

Truth? We thought the entire show had way too much violence, lack of focus, and a fair amount of sophomoric silliness among its various offerings. But it wasn't all bad; there were some laughs and interesting drama. And Zach's appearances in the "Before And After" bits were by far, the ones that we enjoyed the most.

Zach and the PERIODS team!
After the screening, I was introduced to Victor Quinaz, Phillip Quinaz, indie singer Chris Dallman (so tall and gorgeous, those guys) and Corey Moosa (I swear he and Seth Green were separated at birth) and Sean Akers, who looks like a pirate - or like Simon Pegg!

I'm not much for small talk, though, and didn't try to pump them for stories. One of my friends knows Sian Heder (writer/ director for another short little film gem - "Dog Eat Dog") and had a little chat with her. 

So, did we meet Zach?

Of course we did! 

After the screening, he hung around and chatted with fans. Something that most celebrities (in my experience) just don't do very often.

He had rushed over after a day of filming FX series "American Horror Story", yet he was friendly and generous with us. He told us he would be heading to Boston next winter to work in a production of "The Glass Menagerie". And if it does well, they will take it to Broadway. 

He took a photo with us and signed something for me. And, though I hung back because I didn't want to impose, he made sure to give each of us a hug. What was especially touching was the way he gave special attention to a young woman from Germany who was too intensely shy to speak to him. 

Coco, Zach, Lorie and Gloria
What I observed that night was a guy too nice to be believed. 

Well, let's say .... You can believe it! 


Here's a very concise take of John Steinback's classic "East of Eden" - "PERIODS"-style and starring Penn Badgley


Thanks to Gloria for her write-up! 

Pics: snagged them from the Zachary & Kristen website!

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