Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kickstarting "Dog Eat Dog" - Go Woof And Donate!

Ugh. This is a potent mix.

Zachary Quinto + Dogs.

How can we resist?

A Kickstarter project for a short film entitled "Dog Eat Dog" was launched some hours back by LA-based director Sian Heder, in collaboration with good friend Zachary Quinto.

The short movie is a comedy about the heart-warming tale of pet (well, mostly dog) adoption. As you may already know, Zach met and saved furry-face Noah from a pound. So the short film will be based on his story .. or Sian's... or Noah's... Or all of the above.

Hmm.... I'm confused. Anyway...

The Kickstarter project will help fund the movie as well as put a sizeable donation to benefit the Humane Society in support of dog adoption.

I love dogs. (And Zach) And I do think this is a reasonable good cause, so I put in a small amount to show my support. I'm all Mate-y as of now.

Of course, there were two fans I know who went with a whole lot of giving and aimed for the top tier. But then, we think that they are crazy ;)

Er.. I mean generously crazy.

Oh. Did I still get that wrong? Crazily generous? Bahahaha. You know what I mean.

Truth is, we all blame Zachary Quinto (and his inspiring biceps) for this craziness. Yes, and Noah too. (I think Sian Header is pretty, so I shan't blame her. Not for the moment anyway.)

If you still have a beating heart, love dogs and/or at least an ounce of fandom-y craziness, click on to this "Dog Eat Dog" Kickstarter page to show some love!!! They have exceeded the primary USD 7,500 goal, and the short film should have enough funds to start filming in first week of December.

As of now, there are about 131 backers with funds nearly reaching USD 17,000 and with 29 days more to go! The funding and donations will definitely be going through the woof.

Sian and Zach have already emailed warm thanks to those who helped fund the project and so...

... here's to more crew members being fed, and more dogs getting adopted into very loving homes!

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